Current situation

Asking for support to a list of 9 new projects that might reduce the global warming.

I am Eliyaou Benzguida, Mechanical Engineer, 25 years and Venezuelan. I am very creative and I have a good problem solving skills. I have imagined many inventions, and I have a list of projects that might reduce the global warming. First I would like to do the projects that help the planet, and then the least significant new products.

It is necessary hundreds of persons working on it to develop as soon as possible. Also is needed support to realize them. One year ago I start looking for support I can’t find it yet.

Neither NASA nor Bill Gates will participate in my projects to reduce global warming. Who will?

After rigorous research, I have found that NASA is composed of 12 departments, and I sent my projects to ten of them. Two of them responded, saying that I have to follow proposal guidelines, which are very complex and ask too many questions that are very hard to answer, for example the number of employees needed and the amount of funding that will be required. Obviously, the more support the project has, the faster it can be developed and the better it can be accomplished. One NASA department said that it rejected my proposal because it had other priorities as well as budget constraints. My proposals have also been rejected by a representative of Bill Gates, stating they were not within their objectives. Universities have also not offered any support.

Who is concerned and willing to do something to help me develop my projects to begin to reduce global warming?

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NASA's answer.

Bill Gates's office answer


The experiments are our first step in the evolutive chain of technology. Without these would be imposible to determine if those was good or was bad. ExperimentAID is create with the idea of aid, help, discuss, improve, progress, and promote all that concern with the realitation of new experiments. To create new sourses of jobs there are two ways. Option number 1 coping jobs already existed, and option number two creating new kinds of jobs. To create a new kind of job there are two ways, creating new products or new services. In both cases without an experimentation it is imposible to know if it is going to work or be usefull to the people. Nowadays because the people have acces to a lot of technology and knolege, to some of them are able to imagine any kind of new experiments.  No every body is experts in all the areas for that almost always it is necessary some kind of external expertice. An experiment could explain in a couple of sentences. Explaining the variables that are going to take place and some of the variable that are going to change it is posible to explain the experiment. The ideal would be that every body with the idea of a new experiment  could be able to ask directaly to some experts, and this expert as simple view could tell to the experimet bringer if it experiment already exists, if it no make sense , if it could work or if that is unique. For that is necesay open to the public a tool that permit them to ask directly the experts obout in any kind of area.. For that what is trying to do is to create a network betewn the experts, experiment bringer, and capital bringers

Define ExperimentAID

ExperimentAID is an interface tool that allows the connection between the experiment bringer, expert, and caused budget.

What will it do?

It connects the person with the idea of a new experiment with experts, and then maybe with the caused budget.


Who will use it?

Anyone with idea of a new experiments, experts and capital bringers. Are welcome individual, student, experts, institutes, universities, governments etc.



Help to develop new ideas, products or services.  Cooperation. Idea Exchange, $


How does it work?

It will connect the person with an idea of the experiment with the expert and then after determinate if it make sense is longing to the caused budget.


Typical process and steps.

1. Receive the experiment.

2. Determine about which areas is necessary the expertise.

3. Contact the expert.

4. Realize fundamental questions that may answer as simple view if the experiment may successes or not.

5. Find the source of the occasioned budget.

6. Find more experts.

7. Realize experiment.

8. Take conclusions.

9. Find uses to these new discoveries.

10. Produce new products or services.

List of the Experiments & Projects

1. A way to repair the ozone layer. (it might reduce the global warming)

2. Air filter system to extract the most harmful pollutants at high altitudes buoy by floaters of helium or hydrogen. (it might reduce the global warming)

3. A way to repair the North Pole. (it might reduce the global warming)

4. Design of a prototype that may reduces the emission after combustion. (it might reduce the global warming)

5. Law that will help reduce global warming. (it might reduce the global warming)

6. Unified aqueduct system to deliver small packages, water and electricity. (it might reduce the global warming)

7. Biblical experiments that tie wool and linen.(it might give clean energy)

8. Electrical experiments that tie salt water with electricity and magnetism.(it might give clean energy)

9. New type of turbine.

10. Mechanism that stimulate and relax the body.

11. Controversial experiment that involves gases.

12. Experimental Hydrogen vortex. (it might give clean energy)

About it.

I Eliyaou Benzguida am the founder, and I was motivated to create this after Nasa and some other institutions rejected my experiments. This started in October 15 of 2009 when I took in consciences that is not very well known about institutions or organization that are very willing to receive any kind of scientific experiments. For most of the cases it is necessary to fill very complex proposal guidelines. 

I am sure that there exists lot of people with a lot of knowledge willing to share their skills for a good cause. For that, I challenge this entire population with the desire to do something more to join to this cause. 


   4 ways of participation

Idea bringer

Knowledge bringer

Expertise bringer

Capital bringer


Our Objectives

* The first objective is to find support to accomplished my series of experiments, and then help the people to accomplished theirs


*Connect people interested in discover new things with the people with the ideas of experiments.


*Connect people interested in create new experiments with the right persons or places.


* Recruit experts in different areas willing to participate in the development of experiments.  


*Teach basics steps to the preparation of the experiments.


*Find financial aid to realize the experiments.


 Our mission:


*Help in all that concern in the develop of new experiments.


Future objetives;

Create  ads

For the first stage is being thinking to make a simple advertising confomed just with one question vinculate about the experiments and the contact web page.



Do you have a new experiment?


Do you need help with your new experiment?


Do you have a crazy experiment?


Do you need some help to realize your unique experiment?


Talk me obout your unique experiment.



Why ???.


#  Because there are people with ideas of experiments not yet realized.

# Because there are people with a lot of knowledge that are thirsty to use it.

#  Because there is much to discover.



Imagine if we could connect the persons that know how to materialize some ideas with the person with the idea, and with the person with the materials. What world would we be able to develop?


Experiment AID

Because it all started from an experiment

And God saw that it was good… (Genesis)

(1666) Isaac Newton experimented with an apple and discovered gravity.

(1752) Benjamin Franklin experimented with a kite some metal and a storm and discovered electricity.

(1.879)Thomas Alva Edison experimented with different 

materials and discovered the electric light bulb.

Some of you have been exposed to different circumstances that may make you imagine a particular scenario with specifics variables. This is called an experiment. What if….?


     Experiments sometimes are the seeds of the evolutionary chain that lead to the implementation of the ideas.  Experiments are the origin of our technological evolution; without these it would not be possible to have anything of what we have today. In the evolution sprint of the ideas and inventions the scenarios through reach the magnificent sometimes appear after the experimentation.

Some of these answers can be essential for humanity. Our constant preoccupation to try new things is what makes us realize these new efforts.

Realization of an experiment is sometimes easy but typically, it is hard work. Sometimes the possible hypothesis is that the experiment could be dangerous or hard to realized.  Therefore it is necessary to consult different experts in the areas of interest until we realize we cannot find a complete answer.  In a perfect world there are experts and waiting for us with  open arms ready to help us to make these experiments. Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not like this. For that what I am asking is to create a scientific society disposed to help each other in all that concerns the development of the any new experiment proposal.



In a perfect world everybody is able to do all by them selves but in this life everybody directly or indirectly depends on somebody, from the person who is milking the cows to an electrician. This page is here to create  to a connection of the ideas of the experiment with the persons with the expertise and the source of the occasioned budget.